Effective Methods To Prevent Identity Theft At Home


Identity theft is a growing problem around the country. Many people shop online using their debit or credit cards. When you buy something online, you should pay with a credit card and not your debit card. That’s because hackers may be able to steal your personal information online. If you use a credit card, then fraudulent charges won’t be charged on your account. You must contact your credit company as soon as possible. If you use your debit card, your checking account could Continue Reading »

Reference Guide To Home Security Equipment, Installation And Programs


To keep their home safe, many people turn to home security companies. These systems usually include an alarm system that is wired to doors and windows and is monitored remotely.

Most home security systems consist of two parts, remote sensors and a central processing unit. The remote sensors are placed on doors and windows. The sensors can be one of three types: magnetic switches, infrared motion detectors or glass sensors.

The sensors are monitored and can be turned off through the Continue Reading »

How To Start And Maintain A Neighborhood Watch Program


Using surveillance cameras and a burglar alarm can help keep you and your loved ones safe from crime, but starting a neighborhood watch program is still a good idea. With a neighborhood watch program, you and the rest of the individuals who live in your neighborhood can all keep an eye out for one another. This will help cut down on criminal activity, and it can help ensure that everyone in the neighborhood knows about what Continue Reading »

Home Isn’t the Only Thing Security Can Save


For the most part, we’ve spoken about home security as a means to save lives and give homeowners peace of mind. If that wasn’t incentive enough, consider the fact that a system could also help you save money and add value to the home.

It’s true and there are tons of reputable sites out there like medicihomesusa.com that have caught onto this phenomenon.

Lots of home insurance providers out there are now offering 20 percent discounts on home insurance premiums for houses where security systems are present. For the average homeowner paying close to 600 a year on these premiums, 20 percent sounds like a pretty good deal.

It largely has to do with how safe the home is when a system is present. Homes with security systems are statistically less likely to suffer a break-in which means that’s less work and money a home insurance provider has to put down on structural repairs and replacement of stolen or damaged property.

What it comes down to is the fact that security systems, now, save more than just lives – they can actually save you some money. It’s just another thing to consider if you happen to be in the market for a system.

The 911 System: Is It Effective In Your Neighborhood?


One of the biggest concerns homeowners have, especially if they have young children, is how reliable the 911 response system is in their neighborhood. While the quality of emergency services is extremely important, it’s something that’s very tough to learn about before you purchase your house. Unfortunately, most people know very little about the average emergency response time in their area until it’s too late. The problem with not knowing how long you can expect to wait if you ever have to call 911 is that you can’t take the necessary precautions if Continue Reading »

Your Garage: A Deficit In Home Security?


Is your garage attached to your home? If so, it may be a deficit in your home security. How many times have you left your garage open while you were in the backyard or even when you ran a quick errand?

When you leave that door open, you make it easier for intruders to enter your home. How often do you leave your connecting door unlocked, or even open? If you are working in another part of your house or in your yard, Continue Reading »

Your Home Is Your Castle: Keeping Your Valuables Secure


Even though you likely don’t have a moat around your house and a jester living in the spare bedroom, your home is still your castle. One of the best ways to keep your valuables secure is to put them in a safe. Now, obviously, the safe must be secured to the ground or wall in some way. Otherwise, a robber could just run off with the entire box and take the time to open it up later on. A secure lock with a difficult-to-guess code also must be a part of the safe box. It’s wise to find Continue Reading »

Alarms To Motion Sensors: Home Security Systems Overview


The latest and greatest home security systems require some investigation before spending money. With so many features and options, it pays to first understand what exactly is needed before making a final commitment.

Most home security systems feature wireless components, which means installation is simpler, and some companies offer do-it-yourself options. Motion sensors, window and doorway sensors and glass break detectors are all components that can provide peace of mind. Fire alarm and smoke sensors should also be Continue Reading »

Facts And Figures: How Safe Is The American Home?


Keeping our homes safe is a priority for most Americans. According to FBI statistics, a home burglary occurs every 12 to 13 seconds, and most happen in homes without a security system. The following is a list of ideas to help safeguard your home.

Home Security Systems
Statistics tell us that a loud siren or horn is a necessary component of a good home security system. There are lots of options, including a security system that is wired through the walls or a wireless one that is primarily battery powered. Sometimes, however, wireless systems are easier to disable than other systems.

Tips to Secure Your Home
Simple precautionary measures can go a long way to safeguarding your home. For instance, get to know your neighbors well enough that you’d feel comfortable asking them to watch your home while you’re away. During summer months make sure all windows are closed and secured whenever you leave the house, as this is the most common point of entry during warm weather.

Securing Your Car
You can secure your car by installing an alarm, a car tracking system, deals, or with something as simple as a steering wheel lock.

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