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The 911 System: Is It Effective In Your Neighborhood?

25 Dec

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have, especially if they have young children, is how reliable the 911 response system is in their neighborhood. While the quality of emergency services is extremely important, it’s something that’s very tough to learn about before you purchase your house. Unfortunately, most people know very little about the average [...]

Your Garage: A Deficit In Home Security?

22 Dec

Is your garage attached to your home? If so, it may be a deficit in your home security. How many times have you left your garage open while you were in the backyard or even when you ran a quick errand? When you leave that door open, you make it easier for intruders to enter [...]

Your Home Is Your Castle: Keeping Your Valuables Secure

19 Dec

Even though you likely don’t have a moat around your house and a jester living in the spare bedroom, your home is still your castle. One of the best ways to keep your valuables secure is to put them in a safe. Now, obviously, the safe must be secured to the ground or wall in [...]

Alarms To Motion Sensors: Home Security Systems Overview

16 Dec

The latest and greatest home security systems require some investigation before spending money. With so many features and options, it pays to first understand what exactly is needed before making a final commitment. Most home security systems feature wireless components, which means installation is simpler, and some companies offer do-it-yourself options. Motion sensors, window and [...]

Facts And Figures: How Safe Is The American Home?

15 Dec

Keeping our homes safe is a priority for most Americans. According to FBI statistics, a home burglary occurs every 12 to 13 seconds, and most happen in homes without a security system. The following is a list of ideas to help safeguard your home. Home Security Systems Statistics tell us that a loud siren or [...]

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