Your Garage: A Deficit In Home Security?

22 Dec

Is your garage attached to your home? If so, it may be a deficit in your home security. How many times have you left your garage open while you were in the backyard or even when you ran a quick errand?

When you leave that door open, you make it easier for intruders to enter your home. How often do you leave your connecting door unlocked, or even open? If you are working in another part of your house or in your yard, you may think nothing of leaving the door open for a few minutes. That is a green light for an intruder. Garage windows can also be a deficit in your home security. If an intruder breaks a window, your connecting door is the only remaining obstacle to your home.

If you have a home security system, consider adding your garage as a protected area. That way, you would be alerted if someone broke in through the garage door or windows or entered your home through the connecting door.

It is important to feel safe in your own home. If your garage is a deficit in your home security, it is time to take steps to address that.

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