Home Isn’t the Only Thing Security Can Save

23 Feb

For the most part, we’ve spoken about home security as a means to save lives and give homeowners peace of mind. If that wasn’t incentive enough, consider the fact that a system could also help you save money and add value to the home.

It’s true and there are tons of reputable sites out there like medicihomesusa.com that have caught onto this phenomenon.

Lots of home insurance providers out there are now offering 20 percent discounts on home insurance premiums for houses where security systems are present. For the average homeowner paying close to 600 a year on these premiums, 20 percent sounds like a pretty good deal.

It largely has to do with how safe the home is when a system is present. Homes with security systems are statistically less likely to suffer a break-in which means that’s less work and money a home insurance provider has to put down on structural repairs and replacement of stolen or damaged property.

What it comes down to is the fact that security systems, now, save more than just lives – they can actually save you some money. It’s just another thing to consider if you happen to be in the market for a system.

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